Changing the paradigm for health technology research for greater real-world impact.

M+Visión 5 Year brochure cover

This initiative based at MIT, which began in 2010 as the Madrid–MIT M+Visión Consortium, is pioneering innovative approaches to biomedical research and training. The international collaboration of research institutions, medical centers, and businesses is modeling a new paradigm for research and training that accelerates career development and achieves technology innovation benchmarks at rates exceeding those of MIT. Eric has served as the communication strategist and manager since the Consortium’s startup, and has been intimately involved in strategic planning, fundraising, and operations. He renamed and redesigned the mark for the initiative in 2016.

Hopewell performs the organization’s communications function, helping to set communication strategy while developing and executing day to day activity. Our activity includes all online marketing communications and community engagement, media relations, production of printed communications (such as poster, brochures, and newsletters), direction of photography and film, event promotion, and reporting. We work closely with linQ leadership, and coordinate the activities of many communications contributors, including designers, digital developers, photographers, and writers.


Strategic planning
Brand identity
Brand research and strategy
Messaging strategy
Editorial strategy
Design planning
Art direction
Event planning and marketing
Scriptwriting and film
Social media
Communications management
International collaboration
Media and PR management