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Calling the Indian diaspora home to a flourishing biotechnology research ecosystem.

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IndiaVSP recruits young researchers to India to participate in science and engineering projects that address health and food challenges of the 21st century. In a research environment of unprecedented intellectual freedom and openness, investigators in biology, medicine, engineering, and allied fields are conducting research that will make a difference in India, and around the world. But many of the researchers and scientific professionals who left India to pursue advanced degrees are unaware of India’s modern scientific ecosystem. IndiaVSP was launched in 2014 as a joint initiative of the Department of Biotechnology in India and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Hopewell Partners began its engagement with IndiaVSP in February 2015 with two major goals: raise the profile of the program in order to increase the number of applicants, and to assume administrative management of the application process. Hopewell worked with IndiaVSP stakeholders to develop a strong messaging architecture; design, develop content for, and launch a new website; develop platforms for social media and networking; develop an email newsletter; and assume administrative management of the application process. Hopewell kept IndiaVSP stakeholders engaged with the recruitment process through impact reports and careful monitoring of analytics to track advances in recruiting and social media penetration.

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