MIT linQ attracts daring, creative innovators and provides them with a medium and method for collaboration—enabling productive work and professional growth.

linQ principles

Needs focused

linQ encourages is a relentless focus on closing the gaps between problem and solution to meet real-world needs, at each stage of every research project.

Learning by doing

We develop talent through direct experience driving research from discovery (of medical needs or new science) toward real-world impact.

Diverse representation

Participants comprise diverse disciplinary and professional experience, leveraging deep expertise along the entire innovation lifecycle.

linQ pillars


Everything linQ accomplishes results from the breadth and quality of its community—innovators emerging and experienced alike, across the lifecycle of new technology R&D. Their diverse expertise, perspectives, and resources enable innovation otherwise impossible in a single organization.

linQ Innovation Method

Our original approach to impact-driven innovation helps keep new technology projects on a focused course, and makes efficient use of our community’s expertise and resources.


MIT linQ programs are built on the principles of collaboration, learning by doing, and a focus on unmet needs. Each program leverages our diverse community and innovation method to encourage creative work and professional growth.

Track record


16 project teams
34 Fellows, 131 collaborators 
88 research groups in 31 institutions
35 Patent applications 
11 licenses/options, 5 start-ups

IDEA2 Madrid / IDEA2 Global

94 project teams
403 participants
339 mentors

Hacking Medicine

3 events in Spain 2013–2016
175 participants
54 mentors
38 project ideas pitched

Events and courses

85 courses and events
>2,200 participants


135 core participants
387 program contributors
2,500+ network


14 Spain, 4 Boston research institutions
36 Spain, 6 Boston hospitals and clinics
15 businesses and 2 business schools

Significant supporters

Comunidad de Madrid
National Institutes of Health
European Union
Fundación Ramón Areces
Fundación para la Innovación y la
Prospectiva en Salud en España
PDS, Inc.
Michael J Fox Foundation
Coulter Foundation
Center for Future Technologies in
Cancer Care

Awards (Selected)

Mass Challenge
IE Business School
MIT $100K
Segal Family Foundation
Hult Prize
Fundación Tecnología y Salud
Fundación madri+d
Singapore Challenge
EmTech Spain

Media coverage

Boston Globe
El Mundo
El País
World Economic Forum
Boston Business Journal
Diario Médico
El Economista