MIT linQ is a collaborative initiative increasing the potential of innovative biomedical research to benefit society and the economy. linQ’s portfolio of innovation programs demonstrates a new paradigm for technology research and training.

Impact-oriented action

The linQ Method helps innovators accelerate and heighten the impact of their solutions on serious health and medical challenges. Not only do they achieve innovation milestones faster and with more certainty, they grow as professionals—whether they are early in their careers or already experienced leaders.

Community-driven change

linQ accelerates innovation by giving all players in the process opportunities for hands-on collaboration, enabling a free flow of ideas, connections, and wisdom that benefits everyone. Comprising leaders in engineering, science, medicine, and business, the linQ community overcomes together the typical divisions that stifle innovation.

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linQ is an open organization with many modes of engagement, from program participant (as a fellow, faculty, or expert advisor), to project collaborator, to initiative sponsor. In every case, our goal is to help you maximize your innovation impact.

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Leuko: Noninvasive white blood cell monitoring improving safety and quality of life for chemotherapy patients.

PointCheck by Leuko Labs is a new technology spun out of the Catalyst program designed in response to the risks and challenges faced by chemotherapy patients. Instead of facing frequent and difficult blood draws, patients using PointCheck can quickly and painlessly check their white cell counts at home. Read more about Leuko

IDEA² Global

Innovation teams meet at MIT to sharpen their focus on unmet medical needs

Early in each edition of IDEA² Global, the teams gather with medical technology and business experts to improve their new technologies' focus and their stories about them. Read more about IDEA² Global


IMPACT prepares early career professionals to make a difference through research

IMPACT challenges Fellows to refine their research focus and to identify the most promising paths to achieve real-world impact. Read more about IMPACT