Moved to question, prepared to reason, called to act: Harvard Law School marks 200 years of consequential legal innovation and looks to the future.

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In 1816, Harvard Law School was founded on the novel concept that the law can be studied and advanced “scientifically”—through abstracted principles and rigorous analytical thinking. In the two centuries since, it transformed legal education and practice. Harvard Law School has prepared generations of brilliant thinkers who shaped our world.

Hopewell collaborated with Stoltze Design, one of New England’s leading design agencies, the writers at Thurston-Lighty Ltd, and the leadership of Harvard Law School to develop a communication system honoring this tradition and setting the stage for dialogue about the law in our world today and tomorrow. Hopewell was responsible for developing the verbal expression of the main theme.

Discerning the driving qualities of the school and its community was a rare challenge. Already a renowned brand, what could we add that appropriately honored the community’s achievements and special talents? What could we express that would stir alumni, and expand the story for the global community? And how could we capture the shared traits of such diverse but equally potent thinkers?

Moved to question, prepared to reason, called to act, the theme Hopewell developed for the yearlong series of special events and commemorations, captures the incredible capacity Harvard Law School faculty and alumni have to understand the challenges we face—across all dimensions of our private and public lives—and to find solutions.


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