Pioneering discoveries, Profound change: Relaunching the brand of iconoclastic innovators the Forsyth Institute for greater awareness and engagement.

Forsyth Institute brochure cover

The Forsyth Institute is a basic and translational research institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that focuses on oral and systemic health. Founded in 1910 as a dental infirmary for underserved children, the Forsyth has a proud history of not just meeting the oral health needs of kids, but also of redefining the limits of oral medicine. Its contributions to current and future oral health practices can hardly be overstated.

The Forsyth has evolved into a research institution that, in addition to its groundbreaking work in oral health, conducts cutting edge  science in many areas, including the microbiome. But public perceptions lagged the contemporary reality, and the organization struggled to frame its story in a coherent way.

In collaboration with Stoltze Design, one of New England’s leading design agencies, Eric led the brand strategy research and planning for this independent Kendall Square institution. We developed a new communication strategy around the idea that scientists, particularly those in health-related fields, have a duty not only to apply the best available knowledge, but also to develop new knowledge—even if it means calling long-held beliefs into question. The new tagline, Pioneering discoveries / Profound change reflected both the institution’s history of achievement, but also its incredible potential for further innovation.

In a crowded landscape of biomedical innovation institutions vying for partnerships and philanthropic support, their almost unique position at the intersection of medical science and oral health can be a powerful brand attribute.


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